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Brand Design agency Brandwide has supported the owner since its founding and accompanies her in the successful independence. This included naming and claim, the business and communication strategies and the joint evaluation of ideal target groups.

Right from the start, the CHIRONDO brand has been rigorously geared to the experiences and achievements of the owner Doreen Beier. This was followed by the conception and realization of the brand identity.

Brand Development | Conception | Graphic Design | Illustration | Web Design

“We were with “Boss meets Ross” for 1.5 years on the market. We were equipped with home-made homepage, own photos and many suggestions from other sites. It lacked a round concept with defined products and the appropriate business equipment.

We wanted to grow significantly and came more and more to the conviction that we came with our previous piecemeal not trustworthy and coherent therefore. The goal was to attract more potential customers for our high-quality training with a coherent external presentation.

In the beginning was the concept work. There were many, many questions that we have repeatedly answered in our meetings in similar form. Until we got to the “poodle’s core” of answers and the answers became consistent. During this time we developed, recalculated and described our products in parallel. After that it was time to wait. That was almost the hardest thing.

Duygu and her team have “processed” our answers and comments. They have developed a completely new design, a new picture and text language. 4 weeks later it was time. In a big presentation we saw for the first time the new colors, photos, the brochures, the new homepage, the business stationery with letterhead and offer folder and and and. We were thrilled, happy, ecstatic with the visions that were soon to become reality.

That was the day Boss Meets Ross became “CHIRONDO – a leader in authenticity”. We understood that it is not helpful for business customers to see women with horses in nature. Bringing the horse into the office on the pictures, just as we associate the office world with the world of horses in our trainings, was and is a brilliant idea.

We especially want to highlight the copy protection achieved by the work of Duygu and her team. It is the combination of coordinated text-image color and graphic elements that makes it useless for others to copy individual elements. The whole is just more than the sum of the parts.

With the CHIRONDO approach, we have laid a valuable foundation for our company. It is a solid foundation on which we can stand and, above all, grow safely. We can rely on our Brand Guidlines and have the company car covered as Duygu designed it for us 2.5 years ago. This frees us from “Hau Jerk Actions” and gives us a lot of security when appearing in front of customers. In other words, we now have a real company. This is definitely something different than having a flyer and a homepage.” Doreen Beier

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